24H Endurance EKR Race at Karting Sevilla 13-14.04 [Review]

It was a weekend to remember! RaceFacer took part of an amazing event organized perfectly by Karting Sevilla. 24H Endurance | Rental Edition started at 12:00 local time on 13th of April and ended at 12:00 on 14th. Hundreds of people from all over Europe followed the event
online via Live timing powered by RaceFacer.


17 teams from Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium participated and pushed their limits to win the race. It was a very interesting and exciting competition with a lot of emotions. The teams were fighting for 24 hours but in the end the winner was – SRK JDV Racing School.

Congratulations! This is а heroic achievement for Jon Del Valle and Victor Plaza. They won with a team of two drivers against tough competition from bigger teams leaving them 5 laps behind. Respect, guys!

RaceFacer gave special award to the winners – Invitation for 12H RaceFacer Endurance in Bulgaria 2020. Jon & Victor will be special guests for the race!

Admirations for DTS who finished second and Creatia who were third in the final ranking. They gave everything they got and deserve a big applause for their achievement.

Fantastic organization

Karting Sevilla proved one more time that they are a world-class karting track with amazing people in their team. During the race we were working alongside with them to provide the participants with the best karting experience and were able to see how everything was perfectly organized and managed by Jose Lopez Correa, Karting Sevilla’s Manager and his team.

Karting Sevilla is one of our oldest clients and they have supported us from the beginning with valuable feedback and ideas. Gracias, amigos!

Karting Sevilla Team, EKR team, Cronolaps team & RaceFacer team

EKR Rental

The other heroes from this weekend were on the track but not as drivers. They have wheels and their names are EKR SR3 Briggs & Stratton 420! We want to say that they were truly impressed with the quality of these go-karts. During this very intensive and long race they kept strong and stable all the time. The true winners are EKR Renal Karting for making these amazing go-karts. Respect for you and we are glad that we work together with Ángel Burgueńo Gutiérrez & Antonio Martínez Carrasco and their team!

Ekr kart racing-racefacer
Ivaylo Tsonev owner & CEO of RaceFacer with
Ángel Gutiérrez & Antonio Carrasco, owners of EKR Kart Racing

Great job by Cronolaps as well. The race was possible because of your quality timing system and support!

RaceFacer | Race & Event management module

This advanced business module helps race managers to organize everything with ease. As karting people in development we are focused to solving real-life problems for our clients. Every feature in the module was created to help the organization teams of Endurance & Sprint races.

  • Custom regulations – we understand that the tracks have their own rules so we give them full freedom how to set their races. And once they create their events, they can be saved as template and re-used next time
  • Importing drivers – Before the event you can quickly and easily import drivers from Kiosk, Excel or via Virtual Kiosk provided by RaceFacer
  • Before the race – Managers can organize the starting grid, manage the stages, different options for Kart & Driver distribution. Moreover, you can swap/change karts during the race
  • Special options – Predefined pit stops and minimum pit duration with automatic penalties
  • Automatic calculation of points & Full history of results
  • Penalties … and more
  • Live timing – This is a great addition to every race experience. Team members, fans and friends are able to follow the action online on a specially created webpage.
Live timing online screen by RaceFacer

The RaceFacer team was very happy to be part of this amazing event. Thank you all!

5 key features | Driver’s profile in RaceFacer

Karting is not just a leisure experience for the weekend. It is passion, adrenalin and a serious sport with challenges, hard work and skills.