Race management & Live timing by RaceFacer | Seville [24H Endurance]

About the event

This weekend is the second 24 H Endurance Race at Karting Sevilla. Тhe first event – 24h Hispalenses 2019 | Prototype Edition was last month on 16th and 17th of March . It brought together 17 teams from across Spain, challenging for the cup. Teams of 2-8 racers with their own go-karts was pushing their limits for the 24 h Endurance.

But this event was special for another reason as well. The teams and the fans had the opportunity to follow the action LIVE online. RaceFacer ensured great experience with Live timing for the whole event as well as Exit pit monitor and automatic calculations of points, penalties and pit time.

Race management with RaceFacer

For us was a pleasure to be part of this event and to provide all the necessary tools for it organization. With our software features and services Karting Selliva was able to set up the race and organize everything in a smooth and easy way.

Race & Events management module

This advanced business module helps event managers to predefine all the settings of a race

  • Importing drivers – Before the event, you can quickly and easily import drivers from a Kiosk, an Excel file or via Virtual Kiosk provided by RaceFacer.
  • Setting up the race – You can organize the starting grid, manage the stages, the race regulations and have history of results.
  • Kart/Driver distribution – Different options for karts and drivers distribution are also available. During the race you can swap/change karts.
  • Special options – Predefined pit stops and minimum pit duration with automatic penalties were set up for this event as well
  • Automatic calculation of points
  • Penalties … and more

“For a second time we trusted RaceFacer – they improved so much their software with features especially for Endurance races.

We are happy to have their team here working with us and give the live timing to our fans”

Jose Lopez Correa | Karting Sevilla’s Manager

Live timing for karting

This is a great addition to every race experience. Team members, fans and friends were able to follow the action online on a specially created webpage.

  • More than 1000 people visited the live timing page (for 2 days).
  • More than 7 minutes on average, and 3 sessions per visitor, which shows how entertaining it was.
  • And the visitors were not only from Spain. There were fans from France, Germany and the Netherlands watching live.
Live timing monitor – RaceFacer
RaceFacer Live Timing – online

Exit pit monitor

With the special pit display, the teams were able to track their time and avoid penalties.

With the Race and Event management module the organization team was able to see and present the final results at the end of the race. Our software is created to make your work more efficient and save you time and effort.

And of course, congratulations to the winners!

Also we want to wish fast recovery to Gonzalo de Benito who was injured in an incident.

Next race with Live timing

Karting Sevilla is hosting the next 24h Endurance race this weekend, for Rental karts. On 13th and 14th of April the brand new karting fleet of 31 ERK go-karts (EKR SR3 Briggs & Stratton 420) will be used for the first time. 20 teams from Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium will participate!

RaceFacer team will be there again to make the organization smooth and pleasant. And of course there will be LIVE TIMING! Follow the action live and get ready for adrenaline!

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