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Do you remember the last time you were wondering what to give away to a friend? This situation is really common because we are always too busy for shopping and browsing online for gifts.

So, what else you can do? The answer is – Gift vouchers!

Gift vouchers give you the freedom to choose exactly how much to spend for the gift and your friend can choose when and how to use the present.

For business owners, gift vouchers offer an additional channel for sales and more predictability of their income. For rental karting tracks, online gift vouchers could be a powerful instrument for sales – by boosting/increasing the sales and attracting new customers.

How online gift vouchers work?

On a special webpage your clients can find and buy all the vouchers that you offer. All of the products can be bought instantly and you don’t have delivery delay, because we send an email with the voucher in a minute.

The process of buying online gift vouchers is really easy:

  1. Select category – karting, paintball. laser tag etc. (depends on what activities/services you have).
  2. Choose voucher – it could be for money value, prepaid minutes/laps, discount or a package.
  3. Choose quantity – select for how many people do you want to buy.
  4. Personalize – you can add a personal message for the receiving person and to hide the value of the voucher.
  5. Enter payment details and you are ready! – you will receive an email with voucher code and details.

That’s it! Fast, convenient and easy for your clients!  

What RaceFacer’s Оnline Gift Vouchers offer to go-kart tracks?

Managers and owners of rental go-kart tracks and multi-activity centers can benefit from using Online Gift vouchers and boost their business and attract visitors on and off season.

RaceFacer is providing managers with a full-service solution to create and sell vouchers online – on their website; on a dedicated webpage; on a Facebook page or via distributors. There is a wide range of options and settings to meet every track’s needs.

Our software solution gives a lot of flexibility to the managers:

  • Sell different kind of vouchers – for activities, bar, shop, packages or experiences
  • Setting different kind of validity – period (from/to), a certain number of days, specific days or time of the week
  • Quantity discount – setting different price per person for a higher number of participants
  • Voucher usage – one time or multiple times
  • Fully customizable design – upload branded background, header, product images, and email images
  • Easy to use administration panel – with few clicks you can add, edit and publish new products
  • Detailed reporting for sales, distributors, and performance

Where can I sell Online Gift vouchers?

You can sell your vouchers on your website and even on Facebook!

We will create a special webpage where you can publish your vouchers. This address you can link with your website, partners’ websites or use it for digital advertisement.

Online Gift vouchers by RaceFacer – Voucher webpage

With the simple code, you can place your vouchers’ webpage on your Facebook page as a custom tab. It will be fully-functional and your clients can select and buy on your page. It gives you additional freedom on how to promote your vouchers.

Online Gift vouchers by RaceFacer – On Facebook page

How can I start using RaceFacer Online Gift vouchers?

Steps for setting up your Online Gift Vouchers

  1. Contact us and receive an offer.
  2. Set up your payment provider (RaceFacer is integrated with several providers including Credit card payment, Apple pay, Paypal and more).
  3. Add content – categories, vouchers, pricing, etc.
  4. Share and sell.

Online Gift vouchers are a part of RaceFacer Timing & Track management software and you can benefit from using them together for the best delivery and service. Online gift vouchers can be used separately, they are
also available for non-karting related businesses.

RaceFacer has years of experience in go-kart track management and software development so we can provide additional services and consultation on how to use or implement gift vouchers in your sales and marketing strategy.

Just let us know what are you interested in. Contact us on or visit our website for more information

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