RaceFacer Announces Strategic Partnership with Semnox for Enhanced Leisure Management with Cashless and Contactless Experiences

We are thrilled to announce that RaceFacer, the best-in-class Timing and Management Software in the go-karting industry, is teaming up with Semnox, a global powerhouse, to deliver comprehensive technology solutions to the entertainment and leisure industry.

This strategic collaboration represents a significant step forward as we combine our expertise and experience to transform the cashless and contactless experiences in the leisure and attractions industry.

Why Semnox?

Semnox is renowned for its innovative technology solutions, serving numerous entertainment venues across over 55 countries. They specialize in streamlining operations and ensuring memorable experiences for visitors. Even more exciting is that we are integrating with Semnox to provide cashless and contactless experiences to all our partners’ clients. By utilizing Semnox’s Parafait’s debit card readers and Parafait RFID Wristbands and Cards, we are taking leisure management to the next level.

What Does This Partnership Mean?

While our Go-Kart Timing and Management Software is already highly regarded, particularly for go-kart tracks, we have a much grander vision. We aim to serve all kinds of leisure and attractions businesses. Now, with the added benefit of seamless cashless and contactless experiences, the added value of our software for the leisure industry has become significant.

RaceFacer Timing and Management Software does everything you need, from signing people up at the kiosk to handling sales, sessions, results, and reports. Plus, we have advanced features like Online Booking, Online Gift Vouchers, and smart tools for better understanding your business.

With Semnox, we are ready to revolutionize how businesses are managed by offering a safe, convenient, and efficient cashless and contactless experience.

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