RaceFacer Introduced Innovative Software Features at IAAPA Expo 2023

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo provided an ideal platform for us to unveil new features, connect with industry leaders, and strengthen relationships with existing partners. We also marked our presence there to showcase our latest innovations that improve safety and optimize the work process on the tracks.

This year, RaceFacer introduced three innovative features designed to optimize venues’ safety and efficiency:

1. Automatic Radio Safety System

Building on our existing automatic safety solution – RaceSafety, RaceFacer has introduced the upgraded automatic radio safety system. The new system is based on radio communication and includes a radio communication box and a safety remote control, providing marshals with enhanced control. It improves the track’s safety and reduces the need for marshals around turns. 

2. Self-Service Kiosk

Our newest 43” self-service kiosk with a payment terminal streamlines the registration process, allowing clients to register, pay, and drive without queuing. Beyond this, it optimizes client flow and minimizes waiting times, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for all your clients. The self-service kiosk is also an excellent solution for digital signatures for waivers. 

3. Multi-activity POS and Session Management

Recognizing the diverse offerings of many venues, RaceFacer unveiled a multi-activity POS and session management system. This feature enables businesses with multiple activities to efficiently plan and manage occupancy, leveraging real-time data and optimizing client flow. Whether managing go-karts, virtual reality experiences, or other racing activities, this solution ensures a comprehensive and seamless operational experience.

“Participating in IAAPA Expo 2023 has been an incredible experience. We are thrilled to showcase our latest innovations and witness the positive reception from our clients and industry partners. We look forward to implementing these new features in collaboration with our clients for a successful 2024.” said Georgi Chelev, CTO and Partner at RaceFacer.

Our participation at IAAPA Expo 2023 was not merely a showcase of products but a testament to RaceFacer’s dedication to advancing the industry, fostering innovation, and providing venues with the tools needed to elevate safety, efficiency, and overall client satisfaction. As we move forward, these new features position RaceFacer as a leader in venue management solutions.

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