How all-in-one timing and management software solution optimizes go-kart track workflow

Running a go-karting business can be a challenging task, with so many moving parts that need to be managed efficiently. From managing staff to scheduling races and keeping track of financial reports, it can be difficult to keep everything organized and running smoothly. 

Fortunately, technology has come a long way, and go-kart timing software can help streamline and optimize your go-karting business. What exactly are the benefits?

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RaceFacer Announces Strategic Partnership with Semnox for Enhanced Leisure Management with Cashless and Contactless Experiences

We are thrilled to announce that RaceFacer, the best-in-class Timing and Management Software in the go-karting industry, is teaming up with Semnox, a global powerhouse, to deliver comprehensive technology solutions to the entertainment and leisure industry.

This strategic collaboration represents a significant step forward as we combine our expertise and experience to transform the cashless and contactless experiences in the leisure and attractions industry.

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We are thrilled to announce that, the leading Go-Kart Timing and Management Software, was the official timekeeping software for “THE FINAL” by TBKART International Ranking. Held at the prestigious Ottobiano Motorsport in Milano, Italy, on May 27-28, 2023, this go-karting event brought together racing enthusiasts from around the globe. 

Our go-karting software was seamlessly integrated with the event, ensuring that every lap, every split-second, and every race session was accurately recorded and displayed in real time. But we didn’t stop there. To elevate the racing experience for participants and spectators, we introduced brand new widgets exclusively for “THE FINAL” event. These widgets of RaceFacer Race and Event Management software provided instant access to live results and a comprehensive time schedule, allowing everyone to stay updated on the exciting action on the track. With just a few clicks, drivers could see the current standings, lap times, and upcoming race sessions, enhancing their overall engagement with the event.

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Increase your sales with
Online Gift Vouchers by RaceFacer

Marketing and sales tools for rental go-kart tracks

Do you remember the last time you were wondering what to give away to a friend? This situation is really common because we are always too busy for shopping and browsing online for gifts.

So, what else you can do? The answer is – Gift vouchers!

Gift vouchers give you the freedom to choose exactly how much to spend for the gift and your friend can choose when and how to use the present.

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Online Gift Vouchers by RaceFacer”

Race management & Live timing by RaceFacer | Seville [24H Endurance]

About the event

This weekend is the second 24 H Endurance Race at Karting Sevilla. Тhe first event – 24h Hispalenses 2019 | Prototype Edition was last month on 16th and 17th of March . It brought together 17 teams from across Spain, challenging for the cup. Teams of 2-8 racers with their own go-karts was pushing their limits for the 24 h Endurance.

But this event was special for another reason as well. The teams and the fans had the opportunity to follow the action LIVE online. RaceFacer ensured great experience with Live timing for the whole event as well as Exit pit monitor and automatic calculations of points, penalties and pit time.

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RaceSafety – Automatic Remote Control for Karting

Ensuring safety on a rental go-kart track is a key part of managers’ work. Karting is an experience for everyone – kids, youngsters, adults and professional drivers. They need to be prepared and responsible on the track but marshals still have a lot of work to keep them safe.

⊗ Without safety system

Until now – without safety system – track managers are using signalization with marshals, but this requires hiring and training a lot of people. On the one side, it is hard to find and keep quality workers especially during a busy period, but also there is a room for a lot of mistakes. In any case your costs and efforts will be significant.

Manual remote control

Other option is manual safety systems for remote control of go-karts. With these technologies you have to worry if a lot of situations are happening at the same time, because your marshals will have tough time dealing with all of them. And you are still depending on human reactions.

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RaceFacer – the story behind

Nowadays RaceFacer is a global player in the karting industry with over 100 clients in more than 32 countries and more than 1,5 million users in our karting social network. And all this is achieved in just three years.

The beginning

Like every successful company, RaceFacer started as a real life problem that our founder Ivaylo Tzonev had in his work. During his time as owner and manager of karting tracks in Bulgaria he saw that the existing solutions on the market can’t fit the needs of his business. With the continued advancement of technology, he saw an increasing interest for new karting experiences in his customers. As a response, he came up with the idea to create the First Social Network for karting tracks and drivers– After that, RaceFacer Timing & Track management software was developed – a fully functional, modern and cost effective solution for go-kart tracks of any size. The rest is a history full of enthusiasm, hard work and sleepless nights.

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5 key features | Driver’s profile in RaceFacer

Karting is not just a leisure experience for the weekend. It is a passion, adrenaline and a serious sport with challenges, hard work and skills. So if you are the type of person who wants to win against his friends on the track, to share his achievement on Facebook or to participate in a race, we have something for you. It’s call Social Network. And here it is a list of 5 things you can do with your profile, to become a better driver and show you skills to the world!

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