Increase your sales with
Online Gift Vouchers by RaceFacer

Marketing and sales tools for rental go-kart tracks

Do you remember the last time you were wondering what to give away to a friend? This situation is really common because we are always too busy for shopping and browsing online for gifts.

So, what else you can do? The answer is – Gift vouchers!

Gift vouchers give you the freedom to choose exactly how much to spend for the gift and your friend can choose when and how to use the present.

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Online Gift Vouchers by RaceFacer”


RaceSafety – Automatic Remote Control for Karting

Ensuring safety on a rental go-kart track is a key part of managers’ work. Karting is an experience for everyone – kids, youngsters, adults and professional drivers. They need to be prepared and responsible on the track but marshals still have a lot of work to keep them safe.

⊗ Without safety system

Until now – without safety system – track managers are using signalization with marshals, but this requires hiring and training a lot of people. On the one side, it is hard to find and keep quality workers especially during a busy period, but also there is a room for a lot of mistakes. In any case your costs and efforts will be significant.

Manual remote control

Other option is manual safety systems for remote control of go-karts. With these technologies you have to worry if a lot of situations are happening at the same time, because your marshals will have tough time dealing with all of them. And you are still depending on human reactions.

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