RaceSafety – Automatic Remote Control for Karting

Ensuring safety on a rental go-kart track is a key part of managers’ work. Karting is an experience for everyone – kids, youngsters, adults and professional drivers. They need to be prepared and responsible on the track but marshals still have a lot of work to keep them safe.

⊗ Without safety system

Until now – without safety system – track managers are using signalization with marshals, but this requires hiring and training a lot of people. On the one side, it is hard to find and keep quality workers especially during a busy period, but also there is a room for a lot of mistakes. In any case your costs and efforts will be significant.

Manual remote control

Other option is manual safety systems for remote control of go-karts. With these technologies you have to worry if a lot of situations are happening at the same time, because your marshals will have tough time dealing with all of them. And you are still depending on human reactions.

Automatic Safety System

RaceFacer presents RaceSafety – Software and Hardware solution that offers a new level of safety on your rental go-kart track.

RaceSafety is Automatic Remote Control System for Karting! Our technology consists of Kart Control Device (shutdown transponder), Live positioning and Management software! Benefits for your business – optimize the number of employees and you save money for repairs. All this at the price of a manual!

Automatic software features

Automatic Yellow flag mode

Automatic slow-down and speed-up of go-karts before and after an incident. It can be applied also for a sector.


Automatic Red flag mode

Automatic reduction of the RPM or stop of all the go-karts in case certain number of go-karts are not moving at the track (heavy accident with
more go-karts).


Automatic Checkered flag mode

Setting up zones for slowing down the engine before the pit lane in the last lap.


Speed modes

Option for different speed modes – Slow, Very Slow and more with predefined RPM for every go-kart type.

RaceSafety Hardware | Kart Control Device (Shutdown transponder)

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RACESAFETY | Automatic Remote Control System for Karting by RaceFacer